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Aurra Pearl Silk Powder

Aurra Pearl Silk Powder is a very exceptional formula, enriched with pearl powder, turmeric and skin nourishing flowers for delivering great moisturize and protection from UV rays as well as pollution. Additionally, Aurra Pearl Silk Powder also has anti aging properties and cooling effect for wonderfully calming your irritated skin as well as providing the professional flawless look. $45

3 for $95


Aurra Ceramide

Ceramide reduces the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to restore the skin's ceramide. Gently re-texturizes for a silkier, suffer skin that look smoother and younger. Use one capsule daily morning and/or night. Apply a very small amount on cleansed skin, before application of makeup or other moisturizer. $19(+SH)

5 for $95


Aurra Massage Cream

This lotion is a free flowing cream execllent for deep tissue control work and perfect glide for a wonderful massage experience. Cream helps dry, cracked feet and heals. $19

6 for $95


Aurra Peptide Eye Cream

"Your eyes are the window to your soul." so how beautiful are your are your eyes? The ideal eye cream efficiently reduces wrinkles, dark circles as well as puffiness and helps deliver the youthful appearance of skin around your eyes. After 4 weeks of using, your eyes will become noticeably brighter, firmer and smoother. Use morning and night / Dab a small amount of Aurra Peptide Eye Cream around your eye area and gently pad into skin. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Mini-Peel Toner Treatment

This purely natural toner will gently peel away the outer later of skin overtime, providing a youthful glow. Furthermore, its primary benefit is to fade away spots, fleckles, melasma as well as acne scars. Use at night / Apply Aurra Mini-Peel Toner Treatment at night with a cotton pad on a clean face & neck. Now your skin is ready for the next step, moisturizers. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Peptide Facial Cleanser

This innovative formula delivers the must desirable results in thoroughly cleansing and wonderfully nourishing your face with all botanical ingredients. In addition, marvelously botanical benefits also help prevent free radical damage and firm skin as well as refine its texture, including minimizing pores, leaving it perfectly prepared for the next treatment. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Peptide Ceramide Serum

This luxurious serum is renowned for its age-defying and wrinkle decrease qualities. Enriched with marvelous key ingredients, Algae Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Amalaki Fruit Extract, Caffeine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pentapeptide, Retinyl, Vitamin A, Sunflower Seed Extract, Vitamin E, Ceramide 6 II, Ceramide 3, Ceramide 1. Apply Aurra Peptide Ceramide Serum over a clean face and neck area.Used as a moisturizer for day and night treatment. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Pearl Cream

Aurra Pearl Cream intensively hydrates, whitens and eliminates Melasma, brown spots, freckles as well as dullness while promoting overall clarity and healthy looking skin. Use morning and night / After applying Aurra Poptide Ceramide Serum, follow with Aurra Pearl cream on face and neck. Aurra Pearl Cream can be used as a natural coverage foundation and a wonderful moisturizer. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Grapeseed Antioxidant Cream

Antioxidants are substances that help the body to remove free radicals, which are cancer causing agents. Free radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that can contribute to the development of numerous harmful conditions in the body. This is the reason grape seed extract supplements that are rich in antioxidants have become popular. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Hair Tonic

Hair Tonic contains high-performing concentration of Asian herbal extracts, including Ho-Show-Wu (Chinese herb), Japanese Honey-Suckle, Seaweed,Ginkgo Biloba and Chinese Wolfberry, which help to inhibit hormones the cause hair loss. Direction: Spray Hair Tonic onto scalp twice a day and massage with fingertip to increase penetration. $35

3 for $95


Aurra Herbal Shampoo&Conditioner

Achieving great-looking hair without synthetic chemicals is not difficult. With a few natural herbal ingredients and some specialty oils, herbs, and flowers, you can create a variety of treatments that your hair will respond to quickly. $19

6 for $68 / 12 for $95


Aurra Tooth Powder

Tooth powder is an entirely new concept in dental care. It's antioxidant tooth whitening powder which increases alkalinity, neutralizes mouth acids, fights tartar, and promotes healthier gums. Moreover, the whole mouth and breath feel wonderfully refreshing as well as the teeth are stronger and dramatically whiter. $15

6 for $68 / 12 for $95


Aurra Brightening Oil

This mourishing oil gently brightens skin while improving the appearance of dull complexion by promoting clarity, brightness and youthful looking skin. In addition, the exclusive fast absorbing formula is enriched with pearl extract which naturally brightens, whitens, and shields skin from environmental damages. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Face&Body Scrub

This aromatic scrub gently exfoliates skin for effectively removing dead skin cells and toxins while promoting softness, clarity, smoothness, cell renewal and toning up for gorgeous looking skin
Suggested usage: When you enter the shower or bath, squeeze Aurra Body Scrub onto a sponge or directly onto th palm of your hands and simply begin rubbing the scrub all over your body. $39

3 for $95


Aurra Herbal soap

Natural herbal soap is the wonderful body wash, great for removing dead skin cell, evening out skin tone and brighten dull complexion. There are 5 kinds, mangosteen, papaya, rice milk, tamarind, and turmeric. $9

10 for $65 / 20 for $99

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